We all live between worlds. Between the world of home and work, or school and home. The worlds of family and friends. We experience life differently in each of these worlds. And where we actually are is somewhere in between. As an expat, I live between the world I grew up in and the unfamiliar world I now call home. Every experience is an in-between experience, an effort to connect those two worlds and to make sense of it all.

We also live between our inner world and the world outside. Between our thoughts and our actions, our desires and inhibitions. Life happens in the in-between, as we live between doubt and courage, between faith and disbelief, hope and despair.

Writing is a way of taking the inner world into the world outside. It is through writing that I want to explore this in-between life and share it with you. This is a vulnerable thing. It is something I can do only from a place between fear and boldness. I hope you’ll join me.